Bulk Hiring Plan in Place

Quantity does not mean that quality is not important. Businesses need great frontline resources because they are the face of the organization. Our Bulk hiring team work closely with the Hiring Manager to accurately gauge the hiring needs devise strategies and selection procedure to maximize the number of successful prospects. However, hiring this kind of frontline resource is a challenge. For such multiple, entry-level positions in your organization, we have a specialist Bulk Hiring team that comes equipped with technology-driven processes and established relationships. So you know that we take your mass hiring needs very seriously.

One of the best things we have a mass hiring plan in place for this eventuality. We train our team to execute our mass hiring plan accordingly.

We form a team of good recruiters to help, a few who can source and screen candidates always going to be beneficial and also we do data analysis, or people who know the company well, and understand what kind of talent our client is looking for.

To Start With:

  • Analyse and understand what and how many jobs need to fill. We set a goal that how many we can achieve.
  • Understand the domestic job market. Have to know what you’re up against with regards to the type of local talent who could come and work for the client. We won’t be able to catch fish if there aren’t any available to catch.
  • Make it abundantly clear what the client is looking for. If you can, ask a candidate who already excels in the role you’re hiring for to help you conduct a job analysis. Have them define the essential skills that candidates have to have, to do a top-notch job. The selection process is then created with the job analysis as a guide.
  • Plan the timeline for hiring. Set out an achievable timeline and break down each section of mass hiring into stages.
  • The earlier you can start recruiting the better. If we are planning a mass hiring for the Christmas season, don’t leave it until the beginning of December, for example. As a guide, for winter season hiring, start advertising around September, and for summer hiring, start advertising around April.
  • We need to hire for some positions earlier than for others. We know this by pre-determining what and how many jobs you need to fill.
  • Don’t underestimate the costs. An average cost per hire metric might not work here. Mass hiring costs significantly more than your standard, standalone hire.